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What can I expect?

Our first session is similar to an intake, where I obtain background information so we can determine what is the best way I can assist you.  For those seeking therapy for their child(ren) it is important for me to obtain their developmental history to help me get a better idea of how your child functions across settings.

What is play therapy?

For children, depending on their age and developmental functioning, verbalizing their feelings can be difficult.  Play in therapy offers children a safe and developmentally appropriate way to learn the words for their emotions and how to better express their feelings.

How much is your fee?

Therapy is typically $225 per session however depending on certain circumstances, a lower fee can be arranged.  Psychological testing and family court mandated evaluations vary depending on the type of assessment (ex., educational, cognitive, etc.)

Do you accept insurance?

At this time I am no longer accepting insurance, and am considered an out of network provider. I am happy to offer receipts so that you can submit for reimbursement through your insurance if they offer out of network benefits.

What is your confidentiality policy? 

Your right to privacy is protected by the law as well as the ethical guidelines of the American Psychological Association. Therapist-client interactions are confidential, even for children. There are rare instances when confidentiality must be breached:

Suspicion of abuse:

I am a state mandated reporter and required by law to notify the proper authorities immediately.

Threats to harm:

If a clients threatens to seriously harm another person or themselves, I am required by law to work with my client and the appropriate authorities to ensure everyone's safety.

For parents:

Your child's sessions are covered by confidentiality rules, however I work closely with you to keep you apprised of your child's progress in treatment. 

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